Friday, October 25, 2013

Update - Oct 25, 2013

This week, I want to talk about a group of men known as the Longhunters.  We have a minimum of three Longhunter descendants represented in our group.  We have a group of people who descend from the Blevins who were part of the Wallen/Walling, Skaggs and Blevins Longhunter group.  They were known to hunt west of the mountains as early as 1761.
We also have the Crawley/Crowley family, who hunted with Joseph Martin, who we talked about last week.
This week, I want to add William Pittman.  William Pittman also hunted with the Wallen, Skaggs and Blevins and founded Pittman’s station in what is now Green Co Ky.  The earliest family relationship that is not proven but the best possibility of ancestry is Thomas Pittman Jr. who secured a land grant, March 24, 1725:

Location: Isle of Wight County.

Description: 400 acres on the South side of Tarraroe Creek on the north side of Meherrin River.

I ran a search for Meherrin River and names that settled on the Meherrin previous to 1725 are:
Robert Mumford
John Wall
William Stroud
James Mayo
David Crawley
John Poythress
John Lynch
John Chapman
Robert and Joshua Clark
Thomas Boone
Thomas Harris
William Batte
John Wright
John Lee
John Pope
Thomas Pittman 1739 Reedy Branch

Here is an excellent article about one group of Longhunters.  Much of this is from the Redd conversation with Lyman Draper and are from the Draper papers.

In Wallen's party of 1761, some were known to hunt as far way as the Cumberland River in western Tennessee. Among those known to have been in this party, besides Wallen, there was his father-in-law Jack Blevins, his brother-in-law, William Blevins, Charles Cox, William Newman, William Pitman, Henry Scaggs, Uriah Stone, Michael Stoner, James Harrod and William Carr.
     At this time, William Pittman was in his early twenties, six feet tall and of fine appearance. There were several Pittmans and more than one named William. (9)

Other names that we all might share that we uncovered this week are : Riddle, Rice, Gunter, Boyles, Massey, Norton, and Ricker, plus the Sheltons from McMinn Co Tn. 
Another group in the Virginia/NC/Tn area is a group historically called Melungeons.   A vast amount of research has been done on these families and there is no consensus of opinion or final conclusions rendered.  Since Riddle and Sizemore have both come up in the past week this might be a good time to look at them.   Results of a “Core Melungeon “ by Roberta Estes, Jack Goins, Penny Ferguson and Janet Lewis Crain” study are published here:
This study was based on YDNA and they are looking for participant for an Autosomal study.
Bell, Boling, Bunch, Collins, Denham, Gibson, Goins, Goodman, Minor, Moore, Mullins, Riddle, Sizemore, Sullivan, Trent and Williams,
If anyone has direct ancestors in these lines please let me know. 

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