Friday, October 18, 2013

Update - Oct.18, 2013

Busy, busy, busy week.  I am really surprised as material just keeps coming in.
I am going to begin with our Early Colonial Southern group.  I posted a piece about the 1758 Halifax Roster and our member and cousin in DNA,   Cal Crowley claimed Benjamin Crawley.  Just this morning another member Celeste Hogan stepped forward with three Family Finders matches that she found to Crawley/Crowley.  This is an excellent reminder for those who want to help and are not sure what to do.  If you are Family Finder or 23&me, use the surname search and search on these surnames even if they are not familiar to you.  These are early 1700 Virginia, Maryland and NC names so it is very possible that your line brickwalls before you get back that far.  You can then use these matches as a tool to try to bring the research down to your earliest known ancestors.  If you have how to questions go to our Project 5 Google site ,, and someone will help you. 
I did a land search on the Crawley/Crowley’s and here is a list of surnames to explore.  
Glady run
John Cox

David Crawley Surry Co Meherrin
John Walls
Willaim Crawley

Prince George
 Otterdam’s and Reduni’s Quarter Branches adjoining Thos Clemmonds Laughlin Flyn, &c.
Deep Creek
Nottoway River, and on both sides of Walls Run between Peter Mitchell and Abraham Jones.
 Sweathouse Fork of Deep Creek between his own Thomas Simons

Amelia County.
    Grantee(s): Watson, William and Crawley, Willm.

Location: Lunenburg County.
    Description: 400 acres on both sides of the North Fork of Little Otter River.
Little Otter
John Phelps
Aaron Burleson
John Harvy/Harvey
Richard Randolph this is 14000 large grant
Benjamin Orrick
William Calloway
John Mount
Joel Meadows
Nathaniel Clarke
Robert Ewing
George Walton
William Swanson
Benjamin Harris
Merry Carter
John Talbot
William Quarles
Edward Harris
Off of Celeste, I am just suggesting Jones.  Her line is Richard Blevins 1785 and Mary Jones of Tennessee who migrated to Carroll Co., Arkansas.  She has other lines that came out of Ga as do the Crowleys’ so that could be a connection to explore.  So heads up to everyone who is looking for Georgia connections that would be in the late 1700-1850 time period.
I have had a really interesting morning.  In addition to the project, I am still trying to break through my own personal brick walls in various line.  I have a Thompson grandmother that comes with a very interesting “Indian “ story.
Sally has a child out of wedlock, said to be the result of a rape by an indian.  We finally have one male descendent to test and his YDNA is not Thompson, as should be expected but is likely a SC Quaker or fringe Quaker.  So we turned to autosomal testing to at a minimum prove that we are all related.  Now one of this group matches one of our Project 5 participants.  This opens up the New England Colonial group.  So does anyone with New England, NY or Pa ancestors have any Thompson connections?  I hope to have  a list by next Friday (3 days vacation so not sure how efficient I can be) but if we get some response from this request, we could have a good handle.  My thinking is that we are going to find a group that migrated out of New England and settled in the Southern States.
I have posted some of my favorite land deed and military resources on the Project 5 Google. 
This is a private group so please just ask to be added. 
Also, the Adoptees have had a new member join their group.  It was so much fun to read their emails as they are finding that some of them already knew each other.  The Project 5 Google is also the primary link for them  to use for networking.  If you have anyone in  your family that has an adoption that they are interested in finding out if DNA testing will benefit them, direct them to this us and this group.  They do not have to be part of the project to be a part of the Adoptees Outreach efforts.

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