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Update -September 24, 2013

I am not sure where to start as so much has happened in such a short time.  I will try to do Friday updates. I have filed everyone into a folder by surname or location and with one being unassigned as I need more info or they could fall into multiple categories.

Adoptees (These are connecting very nicely plus we have at least two experience researchers that assist adoptees, so I will send more to you all later)

Aussie…we have four who are looking for their roots and it would be amazing to discover how a particular family split and migrated to two different distant shores.

Surname, Blevins, Gray, Harris, Pace, Sayer, Vaughn/Vaughan, Wells, Wenrick and Westfall, so look for those

Locations, Illinois and New England.  Illinois seems to be a melting pot and a dead end for a lot of people.  I just found my family there after my sister went to her lockbox and had some of my father’s papers and my line is Johnson and Holiday both going back to Ky , Va and NC but it gets foggy.

New England seems to hold roots for a lot of these people.  Migrations south seem to be a common element.

For those that are newbies to genealogy, I wanted to share that I use the FAN method of genealogy.  That is to write down all the family members of course but also Associates which are the names you find on documents; pension apps, witnesses to wills and deeds etc and Neighbors from Census and land records etc.

There are often family members that married the sisters or are relatives of the person’s wife, so a wife’s name may become known.  In early deeds, the first witness could be the wives father as this protected her dower rights.

Now, I have to reveal one “oops” on my part.  I was having trouble with one of the email lists I had made and in the process of trying to find the bad email, I sent out not using the BCC.  No one complained but that will generate a lot of email to  your box that could be overwhelming but this little mistake resulted in a great sharing of a story about the adoptees and I want to share that with everyone.

From Norman Cutshall and thank you for sharing this inspiring story.

"Seek and ye shall find."

Now for the second reveal.  I have already been caught on this one and I think it is appropriate to share now that the project has picked up speed.

This project came about because I had been doing 23andme and Family Finder and was having success but running out of new people.  I had come up with the concept of the spreadsheet to sort people out and it was looking like it would work.  So I picked a “small” segment that I knew had to go back beyond the 5-6 generations level to test if that was a theory or a fact.  I am now sure it was a nice theory.

Now the segment that I picked was not random.  I had two gals that both claimed a connection to Pocahontas. That on the initial email connects to the Blevins that connect to Boling and I wanted to see if I could get some other people who connect but did not know it.  Now, I want everyone to understand that this does not mean that the group would automatically be descendants of Pocahontas but that could mean that there are connections to Powhattan, her father and the minor members of the tribe.

I received an email from a skeptical but willing participant more about his skepticism than his history.  I liked that because I too am a very skeptical person and healthy skepticism results in better research and questioning of what is found on the internet.  He sent me a link to his family and the only two names I saw that meant anything was Pace that he had who married a Poythress.  I already had a match with a Pace on the Blevins/Boling Family Finder but we have not figured out the connection and I knew that Pocahontas’s only son Thomas Boling married a Jane Poythress. 

I am going to apologize in advance for the Wikipedia as a source but it is these two links tell the story the easiest.  (I only recommend them as clues to be verified and we have a lot of verification to do but maybe others have some connection to Pace and Poythress.

This could also include a possibility to some of us have a Jamestown connection

and the  Pace link

Another participant and I are considering the need to take this out of simple email and make it a Blog or something like.  If I continue to just go BCC people loose the ability to do independent research with anyone else unless I create a subgroup like I did for the Australian and adoptee but then that takes them out of contacting the larger picture.  I would like something that is searchable, that can be posted to and the comments searchable as well if possible and does not require people to have to “join” something that has a password on the other hand, since it is a research project in its infancy, we may not want to make public our “theories” as the internet turns them into facts in the genealogical world overnight.  Would be nice to have something that has a What’s New feature for followers.  All suggestions are welcome.  

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