Friday, November 1, 2013

Update - November 1, 2013

I must begin by saying that I am still so far behind in email, but please be patient and I will get caught up.  Even though my hubby and I only went away for three day, he was “home” for two weeks, so I did have to talk to him occasionally. The other issue is that I have to admit, I got sidetracked by another side of my family research.
I have a grandmother that was “stolen” by the Indians and we have some clues to her family but just have not been able to find anything in 40 years.  She had one son out of wedlock, before she married my grandfather Kerr in 1818 in Miami Co, Ohio.  About three years ago, a male descendent of this son who was raised by another family for reasons still unknown, did YDNA testing.  The story was that the child was an “Indian” child but he ended up matching Quakers from South Carolina.
Just this summer, four of us did autosomal testing.  Three descend from her son Stephen Thompson while I am the only Kerr. 
Here is Sally’s story.
Since one of the gal’s was not familiar with this type of researching and Family Finder provides virtually no instructions, she just sent me her ID and password; we have known each other for years.  For those of you that remember the days of spending hours reading microfilm, old habits are hard to break.  I still read lists.  So I just read all the matches that she had on her Chromosome Browser and our Adam Dusevoir was there!  Also, a gal that I match on 23&me.
When we put together the very little info that each of us knew, we now have a New England family.
Here are some of the surnames
Thompson, Osgood, Butterfield, Ballard, Blogett,
This is an excellent New England database
I am sure there are quite a few families here that also have Thompson in their families so this is a good surname for research.  I have one direct line but close relationship with a Kentucky group and a South Carolina group.
Then just this morning, Donna Parlette who has a relative in this project and I were comparing notes again and she has unknown Thompson that married Darrow and a Simon Thompson in Mass that married Mary Converse.  Next week, I am going to show the process or working through this family as Donna has seven family members on Gedmatch which is an excellent example of how to use autosomal testing to break down brick walls.  The more family members that you have tested the better your chances of success and finding a way to sort out relationships.
So Darrow and Erie, NY is another point of interest for Thompson.   One line of My Thompson’s lived in Erie, Pa before 1850, so did a quick check with just one of her relatives and it was a match with Adam.   Now, we need to find a paper trail….

Also, I changed the settings so that anyone can comments so please feel free to talk to everyone.


  1. In response to your request for Thompson lines, I started with Wainwright ( sp?) Fleet 1630, Alice Freeman married John Thompson in England. He died before she and several children sailed to Boston,Mass in 1630. They settled in Roxbury, Mass. and some then moved to New London, Conn. and spread out from there. Freeman/ Thompson married another passenger Robert Parke who began one of the Parke lines in th USA.

  2. I am working on Thompson this week and since you are Anonymous, I am not sure which DNA files is yours. Could you email me privately so that I can include you in the spreadsheet.