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Update – 05/16/2014

I hope others will not get too tired hearing about the Blevins but that is one of my core families that I research and they really are not a boring history. We know that we a YDNA match to the Blevins in New England. There are others have researched these New England families but I am personally too stubborn to skip generations so I am starting in Maryland. Just one of my many quirks, but we are close to opening that door which leads to more Indians and Salem Witch Trials.

Our earliest official presence is 1733 Maryland is with the Cox, Walling and Wells families. By 1737, they are all moving to Goochland Va. Considering last weeks, new genealogical findings and DNA studies we finally made it back to the “legendary Ann Bunch”. She has always been one of the options presented as a wife of William Blevins born about 1695 and possibly the guy who left New England but there is not a William listed with Elisha Walling in MD. But what we do have is in Md is “they had no tobacco burnt” was important and John Bunch raised tobacco. Is this how the families met? Does anyone know more about the courts of Maryland the burning of tobacco? Let me know and I will share it or simply put it in the comments.

On, if you search in the Card Catalog for “Pioneers of Old Monacy” you will find the 1733 tax list”: Daniel and James Blavin, Brewer, Peter, John Cox, John Davis, John Dobbins/Sr, John Dobbins, Jr, John and Thomas Dowthit, Redmond Falling, James and John Harland, Charles, Joshua, and Solomon Hedges, John Hugh, John Jackson, Humbertson Lyon, Chidley, James and George Matthews, George, John and William Moore, John Roberts, William Shephard Jr., James and William Spurgeon, Richard Story, Van Swearington, Flower Swift, Elisha, James, William Walling, James Right ( White). This is not a complete list and if you cannot access, we would be glad to do a look up for you.

If you love Revolutionary War history, Flower Swift Militia is a must to check this out if you have western Virginia families. Fantastic militia lists.

Pioneers of Old Monacy also has a chapter on the Quakers with maps of the various settlements.
Ballengers, Wrights, Mendenhall, Matthews, Plummer, Davis, Farquhar... Brown, Kirk, England, Churchman, visitors, Belt, Clagget, Darnell, Richardson, Thompson, Richard Davis who sported 4 wives and 22 children, George Williams and John Beals, Alexander Ross and Morgan Bryan who secured a 100,000 grant that becomes Augusta Va and then they settle in Rowan Co North Carolina. Morgan Bryan is one of my Grandfather but is better known as Daniel Boone’s father in law.

As these groups move inland into Virginia, many begin their family careers as Hunters and Traders and produce most of the Long-hunters and Indian Traders that moved throughout the entire south east. There contacts that they had made in their early coastal towns supplied them with the network that allowed them to bring their good or if farmers their crops to the coast to be sold in England.

Please let us know if you connect to any of these families or places. You can email me or add it in the comment section below.

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