Friday, May 23, 2014

Update 05/23/2014

This past week has been one of those weeks that everywhere I turned, I ended up someplace totally different. I finally gave up and just went where the names led me and into the nightmare called “Bolling”. This family has been so very thoroughly researched that even they have just decided that to not agree. So what would autosomal bring.

We all know people who just love to have someone important as an ancestor and you probably can't get anyone more popular than Pocahantas. Lots of facts about her and she only had one son, so how did they end up with “Red”, “White” and “Blue” Bolings. Here is a site that explains it better than I can.

YDNA has shown that they do not all have the same YDNA but that does not mean that they may not be related. All families have their little “oops” and new YDNA Haplos are established within one family. So I no longer give it a lot of weight. If it becomes important, I deal with at that time.

But this became more of a project in “how” to do something rather in the results. The results are still a work in progress.

I began by doing a Gedmatch for Pocahontas, Rolfe and Boling and put them all in one spread sheet. Then I started matching the chromosome segments. Matches were all over the place but certain segments began to stand out. I began to wonder if there were some chromosome segments that occurred in all the testers. There were 14 segments that they all shared, so my thoughts were that these were “Bollling” markers. So I eliminated them. I realized I was looking for the women to divide them into families.

Next, I tested each of them to see if they matched me on my X chromosome. I was down to fourteen entries and I only have Bollings by marriage that I know of and I have no history on any of these fourteen people. Now I can divide them into smaller groups and see if their personal research matches each other. I will keep an open mind that some of this is already controversial. Six of the fourteen all match on Chromosome 8 so I started with them.

I had their Gedcom Ids, so I went to Gedmatch and using the Match 2 Gedcoms I began the comparisons. When you have a match, there is an icon that looks like a football goal with arrows in the middle. Click on it and it gives you the direct line back to the match. This is really helpful. There are issues such as if it is verifiable or copied off the internet but that can be addressed once you know you want to follow up on them. It does not give wives etc with this tool but I go back for that one I know I really want to to do more with this line. But I had one gal, who just kept coming up as having all these people in her gedcom but there were not her direct ancestor. It was just puzzling. I pulled on up and they shared Sizemores, Boling and a lot of odd names that I knew. What is going on?

I looked at her name and she was a Johnson. Could it be my Grandma, Emma Belle Johnson Wenrick's Johnsons? I have a big brick wall with them. So off I go.

I actually got back two more generation and found out I am a Mendenhall!

So...I am putting the call out. Anybody out there with Mendenhalls?

I decided to try this new method on my Blevins. I began a spreadsheet of all Blevins that I match on my X Chromosome for a result of ten testers. Only four had gedcoms posted on line so I have to verify their earliest known Blevins before any further matches can be made.   

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