Friday, May 30, 2014

Update 05/30/2014

Last week I started constructing a Bolling Spreadsheet. I had a total of 20 testers found from a Gedmatch gedcom search. After completing the segment analysis, the chromosome that occurred the most in this group was chromosome #7 starting at 86,000,000.

I have seen this segment a lot in the past nine months so I decided to go through all my spreadsheets to see what other families it occurred in.

Next step was to go through all of my spreadsheets to see if it occurs in other families. They include Bean, Blevins, Buffington, Bunch, Hollingsworth, Jackson, McClure, Bushyhead, Harlan, Little, Mooney, Moody, Tarpley, Cottrell, Matthews, Kingfisher, Dunn, McCarty, Pace, Pugh, Sizemore, Stewart, Troxell, Vaughn/Vaughan and Wells. That is 25 out of 44 spreadsheets and when I combine that with the Bolling spreadsheets that is a grand total of 28 out of 44, over 50%.

Some of the testers were in multiple spreadsheets and I stumbled on a nice new search for Window8 but it may work on other versions or Mac. Using the file manager, I just searched for the email address of the tester in my “Genealogy Folder” and they were found in each and every spreadsheet and some were in up to five different families. This does not mean that they are absolutely direct line descendents because I do not verify that until I am working on a special project like this.

Next step was to add back in to this new Chromosome 7 spreadsheet all of the X chromosome matches that carry the Chromosome 7...86,000,000 series. This added an additional nine testers. My goal is to find exactly which surnames these descendents that share a grandmother may fall. Already up to 30 testers to analysis, I decide to divide down to smaller groups of focus. Because they are color coded it is not too difficult to see which numbers are occurring the most often. I chose the Chromosome 1... 40,000,000 series resulting in a group of 16 tester that represent McClure, Blevins, Pace, Bunch, Troxell, Speer, Sizemore, Moody, Harlan and two Bollings, a Pocahontas descendent and one that has a Blevins grandmother that I match on the X chromosome. I have not added the Bolling back in at this point.

From what I already know from my family history is that Blevins, Bean, Bunch, Troxell, Sizemore and Bolling is definite family grouping. I also know that McClure, Speer and Harlan all belong together. That leaves me with Moody and Pace not sure where they will fit in. I now take this group and see if they do divide into these groups. I found that there was not one individual segment that they consistently shared other than the two that were already defined across the board for all three groups. So I regrouped my analysis and found that there were two distinct Chromosome 1...segment 40, 000.000 testers. One group starts with 44,000,000 while the other starts with 48,000,000. I had three that matched with the 48,000,000 group but originated in the 50,000,000 range as the 48,000,000 ended in the 53,000,000s. I made them a third group.

In this grouping the families that match are McClure, Sizemore, Moody, Pace and Harlan. Sizemore and Harlan have known Native American lines while the McClure and Moody lines are married into so there would be a possibility of a very early shared grandparents. As for Pace, I am not sure of any know Native American Heritage but it is an original Jamestown family with strong alliances with the Native Americans. This was discovered in the early days of the Blog with our original matches, so search on Pace for more on this family history including links to some wonderful history. The second group includes the Blevins, Bean, Bunch Troxell and gained Pace in this group. Those that moved out was one specific Blevins, Speer and the Bolling/Pocahontas matches. Three out of the four of these match on Chromosome 1 segment 97,000,000 series and a different three match on Chromosome 8 15,000,000 a very prolific Bolling segment.

Gedmatch has been down again and I need to confirm the family relationships before I can go much further. Dental surgery and pain killers in my future and since I have been known to crash a computer under these conditions, I hopefully will be back in the saddle in time for next week.

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