Monday, June 16, 2014

Update 06/16/2014

I revived the Blevins_Va mailing list this week, so most of my time has been spent around Blevins.
We used two different techniques, unique chromosome match and the “who would you like to study” technique” which ended up being the same family.

We have two testers who match on the Chromosome #8, segment starting at 89,000,000, so I went through my spreadsheets and came up with nine matches. Here is the synopsis of some of the matches that we have identified.

Valentine Hollingsworth 1728 Kennett, Chester Pa Quaker Quaker died in
Orange Co., NC Cane Creek MM...married Elizabeth Harlan, daughter Aaron
Harlan and Sarah Heald>George Harlan/Elizabeth Duck

Daughter Dinah married Jesse Moody. (connects in to Leatherwood and Burns)

Jesse Moody>John Moody/Nancy Ann Jackson>Robert/Ann...

Nancy Ann Jackson>Robert Jackson/Francis Jarvis>Thomas Jackson/Ann
Mills>Ralph Jackson/Leah Neal. Though other research the
Leatherwood/Burns connect to the Group 5 Bollings who do have Blevins

All of Jesse Moody's descendents carry the Hollingsworth and Harlan DNA.

Moving to Harlan descendents, we find Steve, a long time
genealogy friend that we have finally solved how are families connect
through Autosomal DNA. We were so focused on my Stewarts that we missed
the obvious.

I have one Harlan/Buffington marriage which is Ruth Buffington daughter
of Richard Buffington and Ann Francis who married Ezekiel Harlan>George
Harlan/Elizabeth Duck

Steve descends from Abel Insco Pearson>Joseph Pearson>Benjamin
Pearson/Margaret Evens>Joseph Evans/Esther Buffington>Peter
Buffington/Hannah Waite>Richard Buffington/Phoebe Grubb>Richard
Buffington/Ann Francis

So the first shared grandparents in this group is George Harlan and
Elizabeth Duck.

Next to find out if our Nancy Buffington descendent is connected.

Nancy Buffington 1791 Abbeville SC Her parents are unknown and thought
to be Peter Buffington and Sarah Mooney. We have another Mooney, but the
above is Moody. From the looks of this group as it forms, this could be
accurate. That would be a breakthrough. They were part of the
Wrightsboro MM (Quaker for Monthly meeting if there are non Quakers
here), in Ga and the same general area as the Dunns.

Peter Buffington is the son of Peter Buffington/Hannah Waite so connects
fits with the history of Steve Pearson and myself. The Harlan line also
moved to South Carolina and becomes the Cherokee Harlans and Buffingtons.

No connect back to our Blevins except for the Bolling and possible
lifestyle possibility with Indian traders.

But I know that Steve has one more connection at least. His
Pearson line goes back to Edward Pearson and Sarah Burgess. Two more of
this group matches Burgess which connects to the Bolling 5 group also.

If you match any of these people, please let me know.

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