Because I said so...

Yes, I am a mother and have had lots of practice with this philosophy; but life is a paradox and I am also very liberal.  I do not like a world full of rules but then again, I know the trip can be more pleasurable when there are a few rules.
Fear…there shall be no fear.  No question is to ever be considered not worthy of asking.  I lived through six kids and 15 grandchildren of “why???” so I think I can handle almost anything.  I have also learned that if I don’t know, I just push the “why” on to someone that I think will know the answer.  Do not hesitate to ask and please…do not hesitate to respond, even if you are not absolutely sure of the answer.  A clue or direction is better than silence.
Copyright… I attempt to honor all copyright and would like for other’s to do the same but problems are present.  Information can be shared as long as you have a source.  If you have just copied it off the internet which is now a common practice, just state it up front.  “I picked this up somewhere and I don’t know where and I have not verified it”.  This is a kitchen table website.  My memories are filled with sitting at the feet of my Grandfather and uncles as they argues about who did what and when and where and if Joe who was married to Sue was the daughter of Mabel and they always thought that Sue looked more like cousin Sam than she did her own father. 
Family Stories …are welcome.  There are almost always some seeds of truth and lots of misinformation.  Just like the game of “Telephone” that we all played as kids, it changes over the years.  But don’t throw it all out, share and we will work together to find out what is true
Judgment…Opening doors may result in your finding something that you do not want to be in there.  That is the most prevalent reason that we have brick walls.  Families hid the truth.  Some did it out of survival, others because Grandma did not want anyone to know.  You are now attached to my family somehow and I will warn you I have it all.  Revolutionary War pensioners and Loyalists.  Presidents and criminals.  Religions of all kinds and people of different races.  Indians and white men.  Slave owners and slave traders.  Freemen and slaves not to mention Europeans from a vast amount of countries.   Also, do not assume that your surnames are written in stone, life can throw us some mean curves.

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