Your matches to each other will be different than your matches to me.  Also, I suggest that you exchange trees.  Often times we find neighbors etc.  You can share across the board by hitting "reply all" or you can do some one on one if you like.  Do not forget, one of these people may be able to break through some of your brick walls or confirm a grandmother that  you "think" is correct but want more proof.  You very easily are likely to match different surnames than I have because of when the family split their migration trail.  Selecting names is going to be difficult because what I perceive may be a connection between you may with further research turn into something completely different.  Many will find that they are included in many subgroups because we all do connect to each other but we are looking for closer connections so that we can find those missing relatives.
If you want to be included in one of these groups, let me know.

Quaker and Anabaptist

                I am calling this the Quaker/Anabaptist because a lot are Quaker and/or families that I know were "Fringe Quakers" that married out or and often married Anabaptist.
We start mainly in Md and go through some Va and northern NC counties on to Tenn and then all over.
Plummer, Smith, Stockett, Wells, Swanson, Turner, Yates, Coppock, Elmore, Juliens, Pugh, Fields, Beals, Bunch, Mast, Waggoner, Harmon, Curtis, Shearer, Stewart, Burkett, Fouts, Hoover, Bryan, Strode, Spengal, Kuntz, Knife, Thomas, Herbert,  Pearson, Moffett, Trice, Gibson, McDonald, O’Conner, Gilligan, Commyns, Rocheblave

Longhunters and Indian Traders

                Blevins, Presley, Sizemore, Osborn (all spellings), Walling/Wallen,  Woodridge, Wells, Bunch, Harris, Meredith, Boling, Napier, Miller, Hagarty, Seaver,  Hogan, Landry, Thompson, Foster, Lacy, Higgins, Rutledge, Troxell, Muse, Lovelace, Hardin, Goins, Collins, Renner, Muse, Boyd, Cooper, Warren, Smith, Elmore,Fields, Moffett, Turner, Yates, Tyson, Mason, Dudley, Vaughn, Sims, Gosnell, Lawson, Doherty, Andrews

Early Colonial Families-Southern

Known ancestors before 1740
Pace, Vincent, Boling, Wallen, Blevins, Wells, Swanson, Terrell, Meredith, Harris, Poythress, Rolfe, Randolph,

Early Colonial Families-New England  

                This is a group of New England families.  Some migrate to south around the late 1600-1700 time period
Jacques, Adams, Knight, Hovey, Blethen, Osborn/e, Park/e,  Gillam. Batchelder. Wing. Forster. Dunham. Botsford, Millard,  Kinsey, Vaughan, Bevins, Perkins, Wardell, Phillbrook, Hussey, Buswell, Philbrick, Chase, Smith, Stratton, Brown, Hull, Conkling, Ayers, Woodward, Huffman, Cheadle, Leake, Brownell, Flint, Trowbridge, Halbert, Trowbridge, Morgan, Cameron, Coleman, Taylor, Vosburgh, Leggett, Sargent, Lovell, Ball, Root

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